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Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuit
the perfect suit for maximum speed
Aquaman wetsuits are made of Yamamoto Smoothskin rubber (neoprene) GIGA # 40 and # 39. SCS (super composite skin) is incorporated into the neoprene to make it very slick. You could compare SCS to the wax you use on skis and boats to make them faster on the water. The only difference is that the SCS is incorporated into the neoprene and will stay in it forever.
All the models are between 4.5 and 5 mm thick on both body and legs for maximum buoyancy and 2 and 2.5 mm on the shoulders and arms for better flexibility.
Aquaman has two models using the Cell technology, Cell Gold and Metal Cell. (Metal Cell Models are not available in USA or Canada.) Neoprene on the inside and outside with textile sandwich between the two for backing. The reason is that the neoprene doesn’t absorb the water like textile does and will stick closer to your skin, not allowing as much water to enter into the suit. Therefore you will stay warmer since your body temperature will not have to warm as much water plus you will be faster since you will not drag excess water. This is not a gimmick. That really work well.
The textile lining in all our other models is made of Super Stretch both on the body and arms and Ultra Flexibility textile in the shoulder and armpits with multidirectional stretch for the best flexibility when you swim.
The Zipper is reversed to prevent sudden opening during swimming and make it faster to open. The flexible Zipper is sewn and glue into the suit in such a way that it allow the suit to mold to the shape of the back and neck, supple and curved. The zipper zip just like a zipper on a jacket but you will have to do it in the back of your neck. Sound difficult but everybody who purchase our Aquaman wetsuit loves that system and with a little practice you will master the technique and will love it.
The neck has no stitching coming in contact with the skin where you could get shafing.
The shorter cut of the suit on the arms and legs allows a quick take off of the wetsuit.
The perfect cut of the suit and the flexibility of the neoprene Aquaman uses allows the closest fit possible on the body for the maximum speed.

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