The combination of Aubrey’s training and some changes to my diet I have lowered my overall cholesterol 50 points. In addition as an asthma sufferer for the last 20 years I was even more surprised that as my cardio fitness improved my asthma symptoms began to disappear and I am now free from the daily treatments.

If you are considering a fitness program or just want to tweak your existing one I would highly recommend Aubrey, his diverse background enables him to work with people at all levels of skill and ability.

–Chas D.

With a family history of high cholesterol and diabetes I felt I needed to make a positive change in my physical well-being and overall health. Aubrey Aldy pushed me far beyond anything I could do by myself. I lost 20 pounds (so far), strengthened my overall body, and ran a half marathon. An added benefit of my training with Aubrey is my bad knee and shoulder no longer bother me.

I could not recommend Aubrey more, his positive attitude and expert knowledge helped push me towards my personal goals.

–Sam K.

Aubrey at All Day Endurance is just not an extraordinary coach, he is a mentor and our friend. His innate capacity to know exactly what each athlete needs at the precise moment is nothing less than incredible. Aubrey's work with athletes of all ages and abilities is the hallmark of his coaching prowess.

AllDayEndurance has made such an impact on my life not only athletically but mentally as well. I love being able to go to a team swim session, bike ride, or track night. Triathlon can be a very individualized sport and the way that AllDayEndurance incorporates individual needs into team sessions is incredible. Every week I go to both of the team swims offered because for me there is nothing like having a coach on deck and supportive teammates all around.

In January 2014 I swam a 15 minute 1/4 mile in my first Sprint Triathlon. In April 2014 I began working with AllDayEndurance and in January 2015 I swam a 30 minute 1.2 mile swim in my third half ironman.

AllDayEndurance is the best of both worlds: A one on one coach, individualized training plans, team workouts, and a team family.

He’s a guy who wouldn’t miss a training session for really anything, There isn’t a guy with the work ethic like him that I know.
–Mike Hensley
excerpt from NAPLES DAILY NEWS