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My name is Aubrey Aldy. I’m the head coach of All Day Endurance. I created the All Day Endurance Triathlon Team to give driven triathletes the training, support and resources they need to compete to their best ability. 

We currently have over 25 triathletes on the team and they've made incredible strides towards accomplishing their goals, from local races to Ironman Podiums, my athletes have taken their training to the max. Along the way, I’ve coached all kinds of athletes — but I get most excited to work with athletes who are driven, motivated and ready to grind. With those ingredients and my training, the sky is the limit. Let’s get started today! 

No matter what your triathlon goals are; if you are ready to work, I will go the distance to get to you there. No goal is to small or large for an All Day Endurance athlete if we put the right plan behind it.
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Testimonials from the All Day Endurance Team


Coach Aubrey takes a very individualized and holistic approach to coaching. His methods are based on his experiences as an athlete and in current, accurate research. He formulates a plan based on my specific needs and goals. I trust Aubrey to help me achieve my biggest athletic and personal goals.


I started with Aubrey my 2nd triathlon season and 6 months later I moved up in my state age group rank from 35 to 14. I even won 1st place overall female in a local triathlon! Oh, did I mention I’m 55?:) I attribute my success to Aubrey’s expertise, acumen and patience. Can’t wait to see what's next! Woot Woot!


I've worked with Aubrey for three years and he’s helped me achieve one of my biggest life goals: to complete a full ironman. Not only did he help me just complete it, he helped me compete. I finished my first full Ironman just over 12 hours and I had only been training with Aubrey for 6 months. I couldn't ask for more from a coach!


I have been with Aubrey for just over six years and the simple truth is he makes me a better athlete and person.
In 2011 without Aubrey I ran the Disney marathon in 5:20, the next two years with Aubrey were 4:22 and 3:59 respectively. I performed at my highest level because of his meticulous preparation.
Coach Aubrey is on a two-man Race Across America Team going for the record in 2018. They will be riding for veterans and their families with the support of Operation Homefront. 
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