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Coaching and Learning

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and there’s a lot that’s happened since I last blogged.  In 2015 I changed some things in terms of my training in order to take a shot at stepping up within the professional ranks of triathlon.  I took part in the Magnolia Masters Pro camp last January […]


Puerto Rico 70.3

  I came I saw I didn’t quite conquer, this time…      The trip started for me on Friday before this Sunday race.  When I woke up that morning I was crazy congested which was concerning, but no big deal if it passed quickly.  I still had two days before the race to get […]


Magnolia Masters 2015

      Magnolia Masters 2015 Pro Swim Camp Wow, where do even I start? The camp was a complete success first of all. It’s safe to say that every swimmer made big drops in time over the 4 weeks during the camp, including the local athletes who regularly swim with Magnolia Masters. The energy […]


San Juan 70.3

San Juan 70.3 was my first experience racing as a professional. The pro field was the strongest ever compiled other than the World Championships. Great way to start. If you want to be the best you have to race the best. San Juan was more beautiful than I had imagined. The blue waters and Spanish […]


Ragnar Key West 2013

Last Friday we started in Miami and ran to Key West with a 12 person team 6guys/6girls, 197mi. The race was a lot of fun and everyone on team Funk Tribe was awesome. I think we even finished in the top 15 out of 542 teams. I ran 3 legs of 4mi, 11.8mi, and 3.5mi. […]


Thanksgiving week/trail race

This will be the first year I will not have any turkey on Thanksgiving. I won’t have any meat actually, or dairy or added oil! Since turning to a vegan diet inspired by Engine2 and forks over knives I have never felt better. So T-day will be meatless from now on. This weekend I’ll be […]


Winter Miles

It’s that time of year to put in some winter miles and not be concerned about pace. Luckily down here in Naples,FL it doesn’t get real cold. That makes up for the brutally hot and humid rest of the year. This year my focus is on triathlon and my winter will be geared towards putting […]


Big Things for 2013

Last year I was injured and not sure if I would ever run again. A year later I got my Pro License! The fact is I feel stronger and more motivated than ever. I’ll be racing more often and doing a lot more travelling this year. I will be blogging more going forward so stay […]


Daily Grind

I am in a bit of a recovery week this week which is nice but I am not quite sure what to do when I have free time. Usually I time things down to the minute to fit in family, work, training, eating, and sleeping. Naps are the way I should spend my free time. […]



I am still alive!  Just been busy lately with work training and coaching High School track at St John Neumann High.  Winter is the busiest time of year down here in South FL with all the snowbirds and other visitors.  My training is going well and I feel right on track to run a solid […]