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Back to back ironman races

This year I went for two ironman races 3 weeks apart. The first one Great Floridain in Clermont,FL and the next Beach to Battleship in Wilmington,NC. Training leading up to the Great Floridian was excellent and I knew going into the race that my fitness was where it needed to be to be competitive. Swim went well, bike was windy for us all and I kept my wits staying at the intensity level I needed to without pushing too hard, and the run felt very smooth the whole way(love the Saucony Kinvara). This is the first Iron distance race I have won and having my wife there to share it with me made it even better. The Beach to Battleship was a very different race course and the water/air temps were pretty chilly. Note to self: wear all allowed swim gear when the water is below 62 degrees and you will be in it for 1hour +. I’m pretty sure I was purple getting out of the water! The bike was interesting because it was a different feel having recently raced and iron distance but wasn’t all bad. The run went well although I didn’t feel as smooth as before. I will do future iron races close together and maybe even closer. Without a doubt the more of these I do and the more years of solid training under my belt they get easier and easier. The real key now is to RECOVER awesome and get ready for improvements in 2011.