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Magnolia Masters 2015




Magnolia Masters 2015 Pro Swim Camp

Wow, where do even I start? The camp was a complete success first of all. It’s safe to say that every swimmer made big drops in time over the 4 weeks during the camp, including the local athletes who regularly swim with Magnolia Masters. The energy of the camp was high and that alone creates and environment for improvement. Even with the influx of big talent the egos were non existent. The athletes were chosen by swim coach-guru, Tim Floyd, who have specific goals for this season and triathlon overall. Everyone was there for one reason. There were no questions about why someone wants to race pro. When you put like minded, motivated athletes, with specific goals together, good things happen.

You might be a runner when you get to the first swim practice of SWIM camp and you have no swim suit. Nice one Aubrey, way to set the tone by wearing running shorts to swim practice. After a quick trip to Swim Shops I was back in business with a new speedo. After the first day or two Tim told me I would make 5-7sec improvement on hold pace 100y times during the camp. For those who don’t know, hold pace 100’s are like riding the red line of effort for 100y and repeating usually b/w 12-30 reps w/ around 20sec rest. These can be broken up like; 4 x 5×100 or 2 x 12×100 etc. When I got to camp I was holding 1:20+ but more like 1:21-22. The final hard swim I held 1:12-14 for 4 x 5×100. I was pretty excited to see the hard work pay off like that and Tim was dead on with his prediction. There was some hard work involved and quite a few two a day swims but with Tim on deck to monitor things we would ride the line until he pulled you out. Which he did to just about everyone at least once.

The Woodlands, TX is on the north side of Houston and is home to the 2015 North American Ironman Championships. The terrain is flat to rolling and there can be strong winds at times. Great riding there with huge shoulders on most of the roads I rode on. The triathlon community in the Woodlands is awesome. They really welcomed us and made us feel at home right away. I’d like to say thank you to Gladys Floyd for being such a great host/homestay and for letting me drink all her coffee.

Each of us had the opportunity to have a range of motion assessment done at Sterling Ridge Orthopedics & Sports Medicine which was helpful in understanding stroke flaws and things to work on to improve them. Another huge help was seeing Dr Stephen Clouthier at Alternative Health Center of the Woodlands. I went straight to swim practice after having ART and muscle activation techniques done and I could immediately feel it in the pool. The following day I had my best practice to date.


This was one of many great shots from Payton and Sam Ruddock at They were amazing and while Sam drove, Payton was hanging on for his life from the back of a truck and I was riding in the aerobars only inches away from the bumper at 20mph. Not your average photo shoot! Can’t wait to see the rest of them either.

I’d also like to thank Tim Monk and Klean Athlete. The Klean Athlete multivitamin is quality. I’ll be adding that to my daily nutrition from here on out. Also was the perfect spot to get off the roads and hit a targeted workout or test. Thanks to coach David Tilbury Davis for all help during camp and after. It’s going to be a great year. Last but not least if ever in the Houston Area I highly recommend checking out Lone Pint brewery in Magnolia, TX. These folks know IPA.